High Precision Sensor Measures Low Pressures


Servoflo Corporation of Lexington, Massachusetts is pleased to announce a new version of the MS5536 pressure sensor by Intersema of Switzerland, a pioneer in digital pressure sensors. The MS5536-60 is for relative pressures of 0-60 mbar. As part of the MS5536 family, the new sensor MS5536-60 offers a signal resolution of 0.05 mbar (0.5 mm H2O or 5 Pascals), thus allowing applications such as measurement of airflow in restricted locations, sensing of water levels and detection of small pressure variations. Each MS5536-60 pressure sensor contains 64 bit factory calibration data for pressure and temperature to achieve best performance over the full pressure range with temperature compensation from 0°C to 85°C. The sensor’s digital output is a 16-bit data word for both pressure and temperature. The piezoresistive-based sensor further offers very low power consumption of less than 4 mA while accepting a power supply of 2.2 to 3.6 Volts. The MS5536-60 self heats to achieve stable measurements with high accuracy of ±1 mbar from 20°C to 40°C and ±5 mbar from 0°C to 60°C. With excellent long-term stability, the MS5536-60 is suitable for many applications. The sensor is excellent for medical applications such as respirators and other breathing scenarios as well as medical instrumentation and blood pressure monitors. Other applications for the MS5536-60 include cleanrooms, climate control, ventilation and other HVAC applications, and water level measurements up to 60 cm. The high accuracy water level measurement of less than 1 mm enables significant reductions in water and energy consumption.


• Supply voltage 2.2 V to 3.6 V • Low supply current 5 µA typ • Temperature range -40 to +60 degreeC
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