High Pressure Plug for Venting Applications


The Lee Company has designed a new version of it’s A.F.O. (Axial Force Only) Plug to incorporate an O-ring for additional sealing in critical oil tool applications. This Dual Sealing A.F.O. Plug is designed to vent air from a product when filling it with hydraulic oil or to release trapped high pressure gas.

The Dual Sealing A.F.O. Plug is designed to be both removable and reusable. The plug features a floating seal that self-aligns to allow for threaded holes that are not concentric with the through hole. As a result of the plug’s two-piece construction, the seal does not rotate during installation, thus preventing galling of the seat.  Manufactured from corrosion resistant 303 and 15-5 stainless steel, the plug is designed to withstand pressures up to 56,000 psi and temperatures to 600°F.


• Body: 303 CRES - QQ-S-763C and AMS 5640 Type 1 • Nose: 15-5PH CRES - AMS 5659 • O-Ring: Viton - 70-80 durometer
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