High-Relief Pilot-Operated Regulator


ROSS CONTROLS is proud to announce the introduction of its High-Relief
Pilot-Operated Regulator for high-flow applications. This multi-purpose regulator is an asset to
systems requiring high relief capability such as welding, blow molding operations, steel,
aluminum, and glass production.

In cylinder applications, this regulator excels in maintaining optimal system pressure for
consistent operating conditions. For instance, in an application where 100 psi is sent to the
regulator, the regulator can be set to maintain a certain pressure (say 60 psi) regardless of any
downstream resistance.

Though the cylinder process may create increased backpressure
downstream, the regulator senses the disparity and adjusts the pressure accordingly. This
consistent pressure helps provides favorable system conditions for high quality production.
Additionally, this high-relief regulator also offers enhanced ease-of-use because it can be installed in a difficult-to-reach location while its control regulator is mounted in a more easily accessible location.

Available in ¼” through 1 ¼” port sizes, the regulator is inline mounted and utilizes a diaphragm
design. It handles a maximum inlet pressure of 400 psig, outlet pressure of up to 250 psig and has flow rates exceeding 400 scfm. With the convenience of its full-size relief port, the regulator
offers high pressure relief of up to 200 scfm. For flexibility, the regulator is available with an
optional pressure gauge and can also be ordered in a non-relieving configuration.
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