High-Resolution Handheld 3-D Scanner


Artec 3D, announces the launch of its latest professional-grade handheld 3-D scanner, the Space Spider. The new high-resolution scanner is the first important upgrade of the Spider scanner, named best hardware at this year's Solidworks World, since its launch in 2013.

Space Spider was inspired by the space industry; it is equipped with an enhanced cooling system that allows it to operate at a constant temperature throughout the entire scanning process, guaranteeing maximum accuracy and a better user experience.

The Space Spider's advanced cooling system keeps it from becoming overheated, a common problem for electronics in space stations, but also on Earth, especially in hot geographic areas, industrial laboratories, and other places with important variations in temperature. The heat buildup can cause a number of operating problems and safety concerns. However, Artec 3D's Space Spider design resolves this problem, eliminating the need for human intervention to prevent overheating.

Using blue LED lights, the Space Spider can precisely scan a variety of objects of all sizes, even those with sharp edges, moving parts or textured surfaces, in high resolution. It captures objects with an accuracy of up to 50 microns and resolution of up to 100 microns, making it ideal for CAD as well as reverse engineering and additive manufacturing. The scanner is delivered ready to use and requires no recalibration.

Space Spider retails for $27,600 and will be sold alongside Artec 3D's two other high-quality handheld scanners, the Artec Spider and Artec Eva. 


  • Price: $27,000
  • Resolution: 100 microns
  • Accuracy: 50 microns

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[email protected], Purchasing and Sourcing Management including VPs and Directors of Purchasing and Sourcing
Nice review of the product, but the print on all of your product reviews is too small to read on a computer. Make the print fonts bigger so it is legible!!
Now to work on a lower price
Great 'little' tool, moreover the best we ever used !!! Let alone the acceptable price level, it is able to capture such little details. Simply briljant !
We use both Artec scanners from Patrick Thorn's company. Space Spider is unbelievable with speed of processing and the very fine details.
we are happy to work together with 4C, artec 3D dealer in the Netherlands
Great product with nice/good software and support
super product
It is cool device! I love it)
High accuracy, easy to work, very friendly software!