High Resolution Ink Jet Coder


Series 400 Dotmark High Resolution Ink Jet Printers are simple, low cost, self-contained High Resolution Ink Jet Coders  designed to replace more costly, larger, multi fluid Continuous Ink Jet (C.I.J.) Coders as well as many low resolution Drop-On-Demand Ink Jet Coders.

constructed of Anodized Aluminum and include an integrated touchscreen keypad for easy simple standalone copy inputs, conveyor mounting hardware and a Photocell Product Detector. These units are compact and ideal for coding text, graphics and/or barcodes on bottles, cans, cartons, cases, pallets, parts, etc.


  • Prints copy from 2mm – 150mm (depending upon system)
  • Imprints lot numbers, expiration dates, pricing, 1D/2D bar codes, graphics, text, counts and more
  • Prints Horizontally or Top Down
  • Speeds up to 750 fpm – Shaft Encoder capable
  • Print Resolution up to 600 dpi (dependent upon print speed)
  • Requires no daily or weekly cleaning
  • Self-Contained Touchpad – requires no PC
  • Codes in Black, Blue, Red, Green, or Yellow
  • Requires No Air
  • Uses Disposable Ink Cartridge – No Liquids to pour or mix

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