High Resolution Mini Camera


Marshall presents its new CV500-M HD-SDI Mini Camera that provides full 1080p resolution and a sharp, low noise image for all types industrial and OEM applications. The camera incorporates a newly designed Sony 2.2 Megapixel CMOS Sensor and Marshall Miniature High Resolution Prime Lenses. The new sensor enables the HD-SDI Mini Camera to operate at a minimum of only 0.5Lux (color) or 0.1Lux (B/W), making it ideal for low light environments.       

The camera is supplied with a 3.7mm HD lens but a variety of lenses can be used, allowing greater flexibility for different applications. “The CV500-M is a low cost tool to help companies increase efficiency. Its size and capabilities make it well-suited for a variety of industrial imaging applications, including factory automation, testing equipment, and material inspection, among others,” said CEO Leonard Marshall.       Marshall’s CV500-M HD-SDI Mini Camera features progressive scan, 1920x1080p/30fps or 1280x720p/60fps, day and night function, automatic white balance, privacy masking, defog, motion detection, and digital zoom. Other frame rates are also available on special order.       

At only 24.5mm x 24.5mm, its size is advantageous in manufacturing, machine vision, automation, and OEM applications. For example, the HD-SDI Mini Camera can be integrated into manufacturing systems or into quality control monitoring equipment.   


  • full 1080p resolution
  • sharp, low noise image
  • 3.7mm HD lens 
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