High-Speed Camera Solution


In just the past year, RDI Technologies' flagship Iris M product has changed the way industrial and manufacturing facilities look at operations. The Iris M, through its proprietary processing algorithm, enables companies to see the invisible.  The Iris MX will expand on these revolutionary capabilities and allow industrial customers to visualize and measure the entire spectrum of faults.


The Iris M utilizes the millions of pixels in today's modern cameras to measure deflection, displacement, movement, and vibration not visible to the human eye. The Iris M software converts those millions of pixels into individual data points, measuring extremely small vibrations or motions with a high degree of accuracy.  It then displays the results in an amplified video that brings the problems to life in a visual form.  The Iris M covers a large percentage of faults at a plant, but now with the Iris MX, we can extend that range.


The Iris MX utilizes the same software as the Iris M and is plug and play with current user's software.  RDI Technologies has combined the ability to reach 1,400 frames per second in HD resolution with our seamless user intuitive software opening up possibilities in the industrial market beyond current technologies. 

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