High Speed Economy Wire Labeling System


Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc. is pleased to introduce the Rolly 1000, an all new, high-speed desktop thermal printer for wire markers and all types of industrial labels.  The Rolly 1000 has been designed for volume printing of wire markers and adhesive labels.  The unique push-in wire labels are printed on the Rolly 1000 and then inserted into a see through holder that easily slides onto a wire or cable.  This method of using a low cost label and holder, less than 3 cents each, eliminates the problems associated with adhesive wire markers such as incorrect orientation thereby limiting view, drying of the adhesive causing the marker to separate from the wire or discoloring and damage caused by factory dust or fluids.
The high resolution thermal transfer technology, 300 dpi, makes the Rolly 1000 capable of printing logos and other information normally found on equipment labels.  The speed of the Rolly 1000 is a remarkable 1000 labels printed and ready for use in less than two minutes.  The economical printer ribbons are capable of printing up to 130,000 labels and they are available in the standard color of black or in blue, red, orange or green.  
Operation of the Rolly 1000 has been simplified and enhanced with Windows® based software where the user can easily upload the data to be printed from a wide range of file types.  The robust construction and the quiet operation provide reliable trouble free operation in either the factory or in an office environment without disturbing surrounding workers.  A recent catalog has been developed that highlights the Rolly 1000 along with the other marking systems now available from ASI.  

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