High-Speed, Floor-Level Palletizer


The FL6200SW combines high-speed stretch wrap technology with a contemporary, modular and clean design palletizer that is extremely user-friendly. As a fully integrated feature, the stretch wrapper includes a dual motor stretch carriage that can be programmed to allow varying pre-stretch levels at different places during the wrap cycle. As with all Columbia palletizers, the FL6200SW is built with the highest priority on safety, flexibility, and performance to ensure your palletizer maximizes production every day.


The stretch wrapper can simultaneously stack and stretch wrap a wide variety of challenging package types including unwrapped trays, shrink pads, film-only bundles and more. The addition of an integrated stretch wrapper helps when load stability or space constraints are a challenge. With the incorporation of servo technology, high speed turntable and high speed stretch wrapper speeds up to 100 cases per minute are achieved.


On the FL6200SW, the standard package includes Category 3, Performance Level D safety components and incorporates fully integrated guarding, full height light curtains, automatic four-point hoist pins, case infeed tunnel and interlocked load building area access doors. This safety package keeps your employees safe while still being operationally “friendly” and meeting production demands by providing convenient and safe access when needed. 




  • Zero time, automatic tool-less changeover
  • Handles small cases, unwrapped trays, shrink pads
  • Easy to operate interface. Add or modify patterns from the HMI
  • Modular design including optional integrated stretch wrapper
  • Fastest foor level palletizer available
  • Heavy duty construction for 24/7 operation
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Bi-parting stripper apron plates
  • Standard Category 3, Performance Level D, Safety
  • Fully integrated interlocked guards including to the load building area
  • Automatic hoist protection pins
  • Full height light curtains
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