High-Speed Industrial Robots Catalog


A catalog featuring the company’s wide range of compact, high-speed industrial robots, which have reaches of 350 to 1,300 mm, payload capacities as high as 20 kg and repeatability to within ±0.015 mm, are now available.


The 52-page publication, which is offered in an interactive online version or as a download at www.densorobotics.com/catalog, features detailed descriptions, specifications and schematics of DENSO’s entire lineup of four-axis SCARA and five and six-axis articulated robots, robot controllers and programming software.


A historical timeline in the catalog highlights milestones in the company’s 50 years of robot innovation, including its latest HSR high-speed four-axis SCARA robot. The HSR’s advanced vibration control, highly rigid lightweight arm and improved heat dissipation make it more efficient than previous models, allowing it to accelerate faster and stop more precisely, as well as run continuously at its highest rated speed.

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