High-Speed Linear Motor


The SDLM-051-095-01-05 is a powerful, compact linear actuator measuring just 2.00 in. in diameter and 3.75 in. long. It has a 1.0 in. stroke and features a resolution of 5 microns.  The integral, linear optical quadrature encoder is directly connected to the shaft for the greatest possible bandwidth and accuracy and is protected by the housing. This fully enclosed linear motor features a continuous force rating of 7.6 lb. and a peak force of 24.1 lb. at 10% duty cycle.


The non-commutating SDLM-051-095-01-05 with 5-micron resolution Direct Drive Linear Motor has a quiet long life plain linear bearing, non-rotating shaft, pre-drilled and tapped mounting holes, and threaded (internal) ends of the shaft for easy integration into new and existing applications. These low cost direct drive actuators or electric cylinders are coupled directly to the load providing high acceleration and high speed with zero cogging and the zero backlashes that occurs in other drive systems such as ball screws, gear, and rack and pinion drives.

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