High-speed Milling Machine


IMTS, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL, September 10 - 15, 2018 – In Booth #236008 at IMTS, DATRON Dynamics will launch the “M8Cube Next” – a German-engineered, high-speed milling machine featuring the new DATRON next control system. This will be the first demonstration of this machine in North America.


The uniqueness of this milling machine starts with the all new “DATRON next” CNC control software. DATRON next, for DATRON high-speed milling machines, provides an intuitive touch-screen machine control that functions much like a Smartphone – allowing the operator to tap into robust machining functionality. Unlike other numbers-based controls, DATRON next is image-based and swiftly leads the user through the steps required to start milling. Recognizable images replace numerical input for selecting tools, projects, and more.


Working in conjunction with the onboard camera and probe combination on the M8Cube Next, the software allows the operator to do things never done before on a CNC machine with just the swipe of a finger. This includes positioning not one, but all three axes in a single movement. Plus, the camera/probe combo can be used to locate and measure workpieces for extremely fast job setups that minimize operator error.


DATRON M8Cube Next features brushless, direct drives that provide faster acceleration, feed rates up to 866 inches per minute and shorter cycle times. A 3kW, 40,000 RPM, liquid-chilled spindle delivers greater horsepower for heavier machining, as well as the flexibility to mill a wide range of materials. HSK-E 25 tool holders offer precision and <1 micron run out. Several other spindle options are available including a 2kW, 60,000RPM spindle and a heavy-duty 4kW spindle.


At a time when shop floor space is at a premium, the M8Cube Next has a footprint of only 69” x 69”. At the same time, it features a large work area of 40” x 28” x 9” (X,Y,Z). This allows for multiple setups and accommodates DATRON’s integrated work-holding systems, automation and rotary axes – all combined and configured to meet the exact needs of the manufacturer.

The M8Cube Next includes operation indicator lights built in to the gantry and control that provide visible machine status eliminating the need for additional light sticks. Other options include a spray-mist coolant system, integrated 3D probing and automatic tool changers with up to 30 stations and tool-length sensing. The M8Cube Next is ideal for precision, high or low volume production of electronic, aerospace and medical parts, as well as industrial engraving applications.

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