High speed torque motor family


ETEL S.A. announced the introduction of the TMK, a powerful high speed ironcore torque motor. Thanks to a new electromagnetic design, the continuous torque has been increased by 30% and the maximum speed has been drastically increased by up to 3.5 times compared with the design of classical torque motors. The TMK stator is 100% compatible with the mechanical interface of the popular TMB stator series.
The new motor design increases the torque as a result of a flux concentrating structure. For
a given current, the TMK motor produces, on average, a 30% increase in torque. This means
the continuous torque for a TMK motor is 30% higher than a TMB motor (with identical peak
torque). An additional advantage of the new motor design is the integration of magnets into
slots. This is an improvement in the mechanical protection of the motor and increases its
resistance to dirty or oily environment. The laminated structure of the rotor and the optimization of the rotor teeth are responsible for
an increase in the motor’s speed, making the TMK motor perfectly suited for flux weakening
operations. In this operation, the motor speed is increased by a ratio of 2.5 to 3.5 in
continuous mode. Thanks to the increase in torque and speed, the TMK series provides the
ideal solution for rotary tables operating in dual mode: positioning (high torque, low speed)
and turning (high speed, low torque). The TMK is currently available in 12 sizes, and larger sizes are planned in a near future. The
smallest model currently available measures 198 mm in diameter and is 100 mm wide, while
the largest is 385 mm in diameter and 210 mm wide, with a peak torque ranging from 113 to
2120 Nm. The maximum speeds are 5170 rpm for the TMK0175, 2500 rpm for TMK0291 and
1700 rpm for the TMK0360 motors. The TMK motor series has a high peak force density in
the magnetic gap (10N/cm²), and an accurate thermal control when using the IMTHP


• Nominal input voltage VDC – 600 • Thermal time constant s – 37 • Thermal resistance K/W - 0.00993 • Number of poles – 66 • Rotor inertia kgm2 - 9.00E-01 • Rotor mass kg - 60.5 • Stator mass kg - 42.6 • Max. Detent torque (average to peak) Nm – 9 • Maximum speed rpm – 1700 • Stall speed (**)rpm - 0.5 • Water temperature difference (Pw 100%) K – 5 • Minimum water flow for Δθw – 30 • Max pressure drop at qw bar - 3
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