High Strength, High Temperature P95 Composites


Norplex-Micarta, the leading manufacturer of high performance thermoset composites, offers its P95 polyimide resin high performance composite material for demanding petrochemical applications ranging from structural components and thermal insulators to high temperature gaskets.P95 composite offers high mechanical strength and a low coefficient of thermal expansion. The material also maintains physical properties at temperatures up to 240°C, making it ideal for high temperature applications. Other properties, such as a compressive strength of 70,000 psi, low moisture absorption, and excellent chemical resistance make this material stand up well to a variety of harsh environments found in petrochemical applications.P95 consists of multiple plies of woven fiberglass saturated with a polyimide resin, the combination of which when laminated is responsible for the material’s excellent mechanical strength and thermal insulating characteristics. The plies are laminated under heat and pressure to produce durable, heat-resistant thermoset properties. P95 is finished in 36? x 48 sheets with thicknesses ranging from 0.007-4.00
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