Permabond® Engineering Adhesives introduces two new structural acrylic adhesives.  Permabond TA4810 and TA4820 bond a variety of metals and other substrates but were added to the line for their incredible strength to plastics.
Structural Adhesives are defined as adhesives which can support a structural load when fully cured.  Permabond TA4810 and TA4820 form bonds that exceed the strength of plastics and composites.  The bonds are exceedingly durable providing resistance to high shear, peel and impact stresses.  These adhesives resist many common industrial solvents, fuels and environmental conditions.  Permabond TA4810 and TA4820 withstand the stresses of bonding plastics to metal by absorbing the stresses of expansion and contraction of substrates with varying coefficients of thermal expansion.

These two component,  1:1 mixable, methacrylate based products are available in dual cartridge with static mixers so no hand mixing or measuring is needed.  The thixotropic, non-sag, properties allow easy dispensing on unlevel or vertical surfaces.

Permabond TA4810 sets up quickly and can achieve fixture strength in as little as 10 minutes.  Permabond TA4820 allows more working time and reaches fixture strength in 30 minutes.


• Mixed viscosity @ 25°C - cP 90,000 – 100,000 • Mix Ratio - 1 : 1 • Maximum gap fill, mm (in.) - 2 (0.079) • Working time, minutes - 15 – 18 • Fixture time, minutes - 30 – 35 • Full cure, hours - 24 • Shear strength (Fiber glass to fiber glass) psi - >1,700 • Tensile strength, psi (DIN53283) - 4,200 • Peel Strength, pli - 15 – 20 • % elongation - 15 – 20 • Storage Temperature, °C (°F) - 5 to 25 (41 to 77)

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