High-Temp Epoxy


Epoxies, Etc. has announced the availability of a UL-listed epoxy with enhanced temperature resistance and thermal conductivity.
The company's 50–3150RFR Black Epoxy with Catalyst 30 has a relative temperature index (RTI) rating of 130º C, significantly higher than the 90ºC RTI for most epoxies.

The higher RTI ensures that the potting compound will survive elevated temperatures for long periods of time, which is increasingly important as electronics get smaller and hotter.

To reflect the improved RTI performance, 50–3150RFR's listings now include UL 746B to 130ºC. The compound has also earned the UL 94 V–0 flame-retardant listing.    


  • RTI Rating: 130º C
  • UL Listing: 94 V–0 flame-retardant
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