High Temperature Inductive Proximity Sensors


Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of 50mm sensors to a complete line of high temperature inductive proximity sensors.  The ASI high temperature sensors are available in stainless steel housings for high temperature applications of 250°C/482°F. 

They offer switching distances of 40mm and are available in NPN or PNP. All sensors that operate above 180°C are designated with “EXT” in the product syntax and require an external amplifier to function. ASI offers two amplifier options are that are sure to meet the criteria in wide range of engineering applications.   

The ASI high temperature sensors are ideal for applications where continuous, reliable functioning at high ambient temperatures is required – steel mills, rolling mills, metallurgical and glass industry, press of chipboard and painting plants for the automotive industry.


  • high temperature applications of 250°C/482°F
  • switching distances of 40mm
  • available in NPN or PNP
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