High-Temperature Lubricant


ZYP Coatings, Inc. announces its new “Brushable” biodegradable-oil-based lubricant/coating/paint Keralon-B for use from ambient to 1000 C.  Its lubrication is based on dual types of components … both organic and inorganic ingredients: the organic being a high-flashpoint Methylated Seed Oil (called MSO) and the inorganic being a ceramic mixture of chemically-inert lubricating phases -- Boron Nitride (BN), Graphite, and Titanium Dioxide.

In lab testing, this lubricant is good as an oily mixture at room temperature; can be heated to 200 C for 8-10 hours to create a "dry-film-lubricant"; and really seems to excel at 500 C to 1000 C, where other lubricants fail.  Thus, Keralon-B is a unique oil-based coating that allows its application to hot or cold surfaces needing lubrication or an inert film to protect a substrate from reactive materials.

Keralon-B can be thinned with Keralon Thinner or Canola Oil to achieve any desired viscosity, such as making a “Sprayable” coating.  This new lubricant can be considered for any high-temperature-exposed parts or components, including belts, conveyers, chains, rollers, hinges/bolts/screws.  Also, since the ceramic ingredients are high thermal conduction materials, Keralon-B can be used for sealing gaps with heater-cartridges.                                                           

  Attributes include:            

  • Superior lubrication/anti-stick from ambient to 1000 C in air/vacuum/inert conditions  
  •  Dry-Film-Lubricant above 200 C                        
  • Nonreactive/nonwetting with molten metals, glasses, and slags     
  • Prevents oxidation/rusting/galling/reactions while lubricating  
  • Biodegradable carrier oil with low VOC (volatile organic compound) level


  • for use from ambient to 1000 C
  • good as an oily mixture at room temperature
  • for any high-temperature-exposed parts or components
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