Higher Capacity G-Force® Lifting Device


Gorbel Inc. has expanded their line of G-Force® Q and iQ Intelligent Lifting Devices to include a 1320 lb (600 kg) capacity unit.  The Q and iQ units were previously available in capacities of 165, 330, and 660 lb (75, 150, and 300 kg), so this marks a considerable increase in capacity.
G-Force® technology combines the responsiveness and flexibility of a human operator with the mechanical power of a machine.  It is more precise than a hoist and more responsive than an air balancer.  It can make your work force more productive by increasing their efficiency and enabling them to safely and easily perform complex lifting and handling tasks.  The new 1320 lb unit is ideal for heavy lifting applications that require high speeds at some points in the cycle and slow, precise movements at other points.

More Functionality
The new G-Force® Q and iQ 1320 units offer the same wealth of new design elements and software features to improve both function and reliability.

Modular Design for Increased Flexibility
The new G-Force® Q and iQ 1320 units have a modular design that makes them easier to retrofit.  You can easily add on and modify your G-Force® to meet the changing needs of your application. 

On-Board Diagnostics for Easier Maintenance
The G-Force® Q and iQ 1320 units have on-board diagnostics to help you keep your unit operating at peak performance.  They even have Preventive Maintenance indicators, programmed to alert maintenance people when regular wear items like wire ropes need replacement, or when the unit is due for inspection.

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