Highly Maneuverable Electric Walkies


Cat® Lift Trucks Unveils New Electric Walkie Line; Complete Redesign Makes These High Performance Electric Walkies the Most Maneuverable on the Market

Dec. 5, 2005--Cat® Lift Trucks has introduced its brand new line of electric walkies, featuring alternating current (AC) drive motors, 500-hour service intervals, advanced regenerative braking for longer run time and reduced energy consumption, and a compact design that makes it the most maneuverable in the industry.

The complete redesign of the electric walkie line, which offers 3,000, 4,500, and 6,000 pound models, each with the shortest head length in its class, provides customers with the highest performance, efficiency, and durability on the market. Combined with the ability to operate with the handle in a fully vertical position utilizing a crawl speed button, each model also offers the tightest turning radius in its respective class.

The control handle is constructed of a high-impact resistant material and the low mounted position increases leverage and the distance between the operator and the tractor, resulting in reduced steer effort and maximum operating clearance.

"This new product line is durable, productive and versatile. Each truck is designed to live up to the longevity, performance and expectations of a Cat Lift Truck," said Chad Pilbeam Marketing Program Manager, Cat Lift Trucks.

For additional durability, each model of the electric walkie line also features fork construction with side rails that are 2.5 times thicker than most other manufacturers, and the welded solid steel bar construction is superior to more traditional bend and form fork designs, common throughout the industry.

A leader in low-cost of ownership, Cat Lift Trucks has designed the new walkie line with advanced regenerative breaking, which recovers energy pulled from the battery while plugging (using the opposite travel direction to slow or stop the unit), when the travel control is returned to neutral (coasting), and when the handle is released (braking). This feature greatly increases energy recovery and reduces wear on the brake pad, resulting in longer battery run time and reduced maintenance cost. Additionally, each of the three models is equipped with Vulkollan® load wheels and drive tires that are designed to reduce cracking, chunking and damage from heat build-up.

The Cat Lift Truck electric walkies were subjected to a comprehensive testing program to verify the strength and durability of the design. The testing included individual component, whole chassis, and customer application tests which not only proved the long term durability of the electric walkies, but also resulted in the new electric walkies being rated for service intervals up to 500-hours, which is significantly higher than previous series and double the industry standard, according to Pilbeam. A key safety characteristic of the units is an electromagnetic brake with a rollback protection feature that engages the brake and holds the unit on gradients until travel is requested, regardless of handle position. In addition to the high-impact resistant material already mentioned, the control handle includes standard features such as sealed switches, all rated for 1 million cycles or more, and a smart reverse direction switch, which unlike competitive models, will not allow the tractor to move away from the operator unless travel is first requested, eliminating unintentional reverse movement.

From the manufacturing and distribution headquarters in Houston, Texas, Cat Lift Trucks offers a full line of durable lift trucks with models ranging from 2,200 - 33,000 lbs. capacity. By putting customer needs first and having the most comprehensive customer support programs in the industry, Cat Lift Trucks is Everything You've Come To Expect - productivity, quality and low cost of ownership.


• Model: Caterpillar SS2200 Electric Walkie Pallet Stacker • Type: Pallet Stacker • Year: 2008 • Power: Electric • Capacity: 2200 Lbs • Lift Height: 81 Inches • Mast Type: Duplex • Purchase Price: $POA • Weekly Hire Price From: $POA • Weekly Purchase Price From: $POA
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