Hingeless, Self-Closing Safety Gates


Mezzanine Safeti-Gates has designed a hingeless, self-closing safety gate to provide fall protection in elevated pallet flow applications that are often featured in pick modules and material handling operations.


The rugged design provides for little lifetime maintenance as it has no hinges that may fail or mechanisms that need tension resettings. Pallet flow lanes are often found in pick modules, elevated above OSHA’s fall protection requirement of 48 in.; quite often pallet flow lanes are decked over which can serve as an invitation to employees to walk onto lanes, even though it’s discouraged. The elevated ledges of pallet flow lanes should be guarded to provide a safe environment, providing fall protection for employees at all times.


The hingeless pallet flow safety gate design uses the technology in the Dock-Lift design that is patented under U.S. Patent 9,630,823 for swinging-style safety gate operations. The Pallet Flow safety gate automatically opens as the pallet is pushed through into the system, and closes behind the pallet once it is through, preventing employees from stepping onto or falling from the edge of the flow lane. The gates feature an easy and controlled automatic opening and closing style as the pallet flows through the system. Pallet flow lanes can also be secured with a dual-gate system such as the Roly safety gate, depending upon the handling application.

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Anonymous, Sales & Business Development Management
Way to go Aaron! Great idea! Hope you sell a gazillion! Jim Galante