HMCs for Electric Automobiles



Through its partner PCI (a Tongtai company) Absolute Machine Tools offers a series of single- and twin-spindle, 4- or 5-axis Meteor horizontal machining centers engineered to produce a wide range of aluminum automobile components including parts for both internal combustion and electrified cars.
PCI designed its Meteor series machines to process internal combustion engine parts such as gearbox housings and cylinder blocks as well as electric motor housings and battery tray components for hybrid and fully electric vehicles. The machines can produce structural and suspension components including steering arms and knuckles in addition to aluminum parts for nearly any automotive application.
Adjustable distance between the two independent spindles on twin-spindle Meteor TS630V machines permits great flexibility of application. Users can program the machining centers to process two identical parts, perform two different operations on the same part, or machine two completely different parts simultaneously. 
Spindle distance adjustment range is 21.4" – 71.0" (545 mm – 1805 mm). X-axis travel is 24.8" – 51.1" (630 mm – 1300 mm), with Y-axis and Z-axis travels of 24.8" (630 mm). Part size capacity is 31.4" (800 mm) rotation diameter and 50.1" (1275 mm) length.
On single-spindle Meteor 630 machines, X-, Y-, Z-axis travels are 24.8" (630 mm) and part size capacity is 31.4" (800 mm) rotation diameter and 37.8" (960 mm) length. The single-spindle Meteor 1800 machine features extended X-axis travel of 71.0" (1805 mm) and can process parts up to 50.1" (1275 mm) long.
A disc-type toolchanger and optional pallet changer speed throughput. Gantry, robotic and manual loading/unloading systems are available. The machines’ compact footprint –165" (4195 mm) x 94" (2390 mm) x 135" (3419 mm) [215" (5480 mm) x 116" (2950 mm) x 135" (3419 mm) with pallet changer] – allow maximum utilization of shop floor space.
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