Schroeder Industries, a recognized leader in filtration and fluid conditioning products, introduces the HMG-3000 portable data recorder for the unit measurement and data capturing tasks involving hydraulic and pneumatic systems.  

Ideal for maintenance and servicing, troubleshooting, test stands and quality inspecting, the HMG-3000 can concurrently evaluate signals via five input jacks.  This number can be doubled to accomodate 10 sensors by using a Y-adapter.  Schroeder offers HIS (Hydraulic Sensor Interface) sensors for pressure, temperature, and flow, which are all automatically recognized by the HMG-3000.  The HMG-3000 is user friendly by virtue of its easy-access selection menus labeling the unit’s functions and settings.

Additionally, the HMG-3000 is capable of recording the dynamic processes of a machine in the form of a measurement curve comprised of up to 500,000 measured valued and render them as a graph online and in real time.  The HMG-3000 works by communicating with a computer via a USB port, and is equipped with specially developed software, providing fast and accurate data collection and processing.

The HMG-3000 provides a variety of user-friendly features for displaying, evaluating and processing measured valued including: table, graph, scaling, ruler, tracker, and zoom.  The keypad includes both numbers and letters, an escape (ESC) key for canceling an entry or reviewing entries step by step, as well as a shift key that switches the keypad from a number pad to a text pad when prompted.

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