Hobart Brothers’ New Quantum Arc Solid Wire


To optimize welding performance on solid wire applications, Hobart Brothers introduces Quantum Arc. Available nationwide in January 2006, Quantum Arc is a copper coated mild steel wire that provides excellent feedability, while still producing smooth arc characteristics. To meet a variety of welding needs, Quantum Arc solid wire is available in three American Welding Society (AWS) classifications: ER70S-3 (Quantum Arc 3), ER70S-6 (Quantum Arc 6) and ER80S-D2 (Quantum Arc D2). Available wire diameters include 0.35-, 0.45-, 0.52- and 1/16- inch, packaged in fiber spools, wire baskets, drums and reels.Through a proprietary manufacturing process, the Quantum Arc wire has a bright shiny surface finish with consistent lubrication for improved feedablity. According to Bruce Morrett, solid wire product manager, Hobart Brothers, “Because of the way we manufacture the wire, Quantum Arc produces superior arc characteristics and reduced spatter levels, which significantly cuts post weld cleanup time.” For use with 100-percent CO2 or Argon-rich shielding gases, Quantum Arc performs exceptionally well on high-duty cycle, as well as pulse welding applications. The stable arc ensures smooth weld beads with minimal weld discontinuities and spatter. Morrett comments, “Quantum Arc wires are very versatile and can help a multitude of industries reduce costs associated with downtime caused by tip or feeding issues.” Quantum Arc solid wire is ideal for general fabrication, automotive, pressure vessels, agriculture, construction equipment and railcar applications.
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