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CS Unitec’s new Hole Saws are ideal for applications where cutting with a magnetic drill is not feasible, such as tight spaces where a magnetic drill cannot easily fit and material too thin for the magnet to attach. Designed for use with hand-held drills, the 1-Series and 2-Series Tungsten Carbide-Tipped (TCT) Hole Saws cut clean, fast holes without grinding the core. The TCT cutting edges last longer than bi-metal edges and can be run at higher speeds and feeds to create holes of exceptional quality and accuracy.

The 1-Series Hole Saws include a center pilot drill for cutting holes up to 1” deep, with diameters ranging from 9/16” to 4”. Cutters up to 3-1/4” diameter feature a 3/8” shank, while cutters 3-5/16” diameter and larger feature a 1/2” shank. The 2-Series heavy-duty Hole Saws feature a spring-loaded pilot pin to easily eject the slug. The milled 3-flat shank fits 1/2” chucks. The 2-Series Hole Saws are available in diameters from 9/16” to 1-3/8” and drill up to 9/16” deep. Hole Saws are ideal for use with CS Unitec’s line of hand-held electric drills, such as the EHB32 series.


  • cut clean, fast holes
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