Hollow Shaft Brakes


Magnetic particle brakes with a hollow shaft are easier to install since precision alignment shaft is not needed. The brake slides onto the customer’s shaft, and couples with a roll pin or integral clamp. The brake body is held stationary with a torque arm.

Magnetic particle brakes are typically used where infinitely variable, smooth, slip torque is required, such as for winding systems. Unwind tension is controlled with input current. The brakes also make an excellent variable load for performance & life testing stepper motors, gear motors, and mechanical systems.

Torque is produced by magnetizing microscopic stainless steel spheres (called particles or powder). Higher electric input makes a stronger internal magnetic field, which causes the particles to cling together more, producing higher torque. Torque is independent of slip RPM.

Hollow shaft brakes from 0-15 to 220 lb.-inches, and larger solid shaft brakes and clutches up to 300 lb.-feet with 1900 watts heat dissipation are available from stock.


• Torque Range - 4 – 220 • Input Electric Power (Watts) – 18 • Shaft Inertia (lb.-in.-sec.2) - 29 x 10-4 • Slip Heat Dissipation – 110 • Maximum Overhung Load – 120 lbs • Max. RPM – 1000 • Weight – 21 lbs
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