Honeycomb Plank


New NaturePlank™ engineered honeycomb plank from Pregis Corp. offers brand owners and fabricators a paper-based protective packaging alternative. NaturePlank™ honeycomb plank is made from kraft paper (linerboard) and water-based adhesives.  It offers excellent strength and blocking/bracing for a wide range of protective packaging applications.  Made with SFI®-certified, renewable virgin and post-consumer recycled fibers, NaturePlank™ is an all-natural alternative to petroleum-based plastic plank products.

“Brand owners have been pushing fabricators for a non-petroleum based protective packaging alternative.  NaturePlank™ is an ideal solution because not only does it meet performance requirements, but it also can be easily converted into the desired shape for the application,” explained Josephine Fish, vice president of marketing, Pregis Corp.  “Another plus is that it becomes part of the paper recycling stream when it is disposed.”

Another NaturePlank™ benefit is that the product weighs less than many other protective packaging alternatives.  That helps reduce transport weight, which also positively impacts the environmental footprint.

In addition to die-cutting, routing and other conventional converting techniques, NaturePlank can also be laminated to other materials such as polyethylene plank.  The latter option is ideal for those products requiring performance attributes which require more than one material type. 

“For those fabricators interested in assistance, our design centers are available to provide training on techniques and design concepts,” said Fish.

NaturePlank™ dimensions are 48- by 108-inches. The product is currently available in thicknesses of 1- and 2-inches. Ideal market applications include appliances, electronics, furniture and other durable goods.


  • offers excellent strength
  • all-natural alternative to petroleum-based plastic plank products
  • helps reduce transport weight
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