Honeywell Industrial Fire 3-in-1 Panel


Honeywell Industrial Fire 3-in-1 Panel integrates addressable fire, gas detection, and releasing/suppression. The single system makes it easier for a plant engineer to use and maintain it while allowing them to focus on other critical items in the plant. The HS – 81 system has built-in redundancy and hot swap-ability so the system can be installed or repaired without downtime. The panel is Safety Integrity Level (SIL2) certified.


With the HS81-HS panel, fire & gas detection, intruder alarms, and process control systems can be built into energy plants, in petrochemical industries, naval, military and public installations.


Externally, the panel HS81-HS is similar to a safety PLC; it is composed of electronic PCB cards mechanically compatible, which are inserted in 19” racks. The panel can have from 1 to 10 racks, each rack has 13 card slots. In addition to the versions customizable for clients, the UL version has a case with 6 racks, while for the European market, 3 other versions are available:

  • HS81-HS/1R Base Rack + 1 card rack, wall-mounting cabinet L=600 H=700 P=400 mm
  • HS81-HS/2R Base Rack + 2 card rack, wall-mounting cabinet L=600 H=1100 P=400 mm
  • HS81-HS/10R Base Rack and up to 10 card racks, self-standing cabinet L=800 H=2100 P=800 mm

About 20 different cards can be used, each dedicated to different functions such as fire fighting, gas detection, intruder alarm, technologic control and communication with other systems and/or panels. The HS81-HS panel has a dedicated rack for the operator’s interface and consists of a large alphanumeric display, a keyboard and LED indications to show the system status. Each panel HS81- HS has its own AC feeder and battery charger, which allows the panel to work even without an external power supply.



  • Hot backup redundant CPU’s
  • Hot-swappable redundant power supplies
  • Hot swap of all cards, including CPU’s, with automatic reconfi guration
  • Redundant and looped communication bus between cards and CPU’s
  • Automatic testing of card inputs and outputs
  • Self-diagnostics and fault signaling of card and CPU
  • Automatic safety disabling of malfunctioning cards
  • CEI EN 50130-4 immunity requirements (EMC)
  • The card can be redundant In Fire & Gas applications
  • The HS81- HS fulfi lls all functions that are generally carried out by several systems
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