Horizontal Machining Center for Non-Ferrous Die-Cast Parts


The a40 horizontal machining center addresses the unique needs of the die cast market by enhancing machine attributes most critical to improving productivity and per-piece costs in the machining of near net shape die-cast aluminum parts. The a40 offers a 400-mm pallet with a workpiece capacity of 630 mm in diameter by 900 mm tall, making it an ideal platform for parts commonly machined in the automotive and consumer product industries. The axis travels of the machine are 560 mm along X, 640 mm for Y and 640 mm on the Z plane. Maximum payload is 400 kg.


  • Workpiece capacity: 630 mm in diameter by 900 mm tall,
  • Axis travels: 560 mm/ X, 640 mm/ Y, and 640 mm/ Z
  • Maximum payload: 400 kg
  • Responsive CAT40 spindle acceleration: 12,000 rpm in 0.5 seconds.
  • Quick completion of common tapping operations with 6,000-rpm rigid tapping synchronization speed
  • An average of 29% faster time to full rapid traverse rate, minimizing common feature to feature positioning time
  • Optimal acceleration performance of multiple machine systems with evaluation of fixture and tool weights through Inertia Active Control (IAC) technology
  • 40-position automatic tool changer ensures uninterrupted operation.

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