Hot Melt Adhesive Pattern Controls


The new Spectra™ 30 control system from Nordson Corporation simplifies set-up and operation to improve production efficiency and product quality. Real-time, on-screen system status and adjustment deliver quick, easy control and product changeover. The graphical, touch-screen Optix™ user interface minimizes operator training and provides detailed diagnostics with on-screen troubleshooting tips. Spectra 30 control systems are ideal for packaging as well as some paper and paperboard converting applications.

Installation and setup of Spectra systems are easy with a unique slide-on bracket that is compatible with VESA mounting interfaces and initial setup is automated by a step-by-step set-up wizard. Four (4) trigger inputs, four (4) pattern channel outputs, eight (8) beads per channel and a choice of pattern types provide simple but comprehensive pattern flexibility. And, product changeover time is further minimized with a 50-recipe memory storage capacity. This time- or distance-based control system can easily expand to meet your changing needs. Features such as pressure run-up and remote recipe recall can be added without hardware changes. And, the Spectra 30 control system shows only the components installed on each specific line to minimize potential operator confusion.


  • on-screen system status
  • slide-on bracket 

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