Hot Water Pressure Washer


Hotsy, the number one name in North America for high-pressure cleaning equipment is pleased to announce the latest innovation in cleaning for the toughest jobs. Hotsy has completely redesigned the 5700 Series hot water pressure washer, which has long been the flagship in the industrial pressure washer manufacturer’s product line. The 5700 Series is a stationary hot water pressure washer that is ideal for wash bay installations where vehicles, heavy equipment or machinery is cleaned. It has a 20 HP Baldor electric motor and is available in 208, 230, 460 or 575 Volt, 3 Phase and comes with thermal overload protection. Hotsy’s upright coil delivers high efficiency and maintains constant temperature using oil, natural gas or liquid propane. The stainless steel coil skin provides extra durability to withstand overspray from washing. The new 5700 Series design features removable side panels for easy maintenance and service. The sleek new look is more compact than previous models, and is loaded with features. These include: • Smart Relay System - allows the user to have complete control over the run time, auto start/stop, and time delay shut down functionality. It is remote ready. • The 5700 delivers 7.8 GPM at 3000 PSI – powerful cleaning ability that is suitable for dual-gun operation. This means more than one spray gun can be used simultaneously without diminishing the pressure (the flow is halved between the two guns, but each still has a high flow rate). • Large Hotsy belt-drive pump featuring NESTechnology™ with U-Seals for 3 times longer pump life. The Hotsy pump is engineered for durability and performance, and includes a 7-year warranty on the oil end of the pump and a lifetime warranty on the brass manifold. • Large 10-gallon polyethylene float tank with a cool-down pump by-pass loop to significantly reduce potential pump damage from the operator regularly running the machine in by-pass mode. • The 5700 is designed for serviceability – the side panels are easily removed and provide access to the motor, which is mounted on slide out rails for easy removal; the burner assembly pivots down to allow easy access to the burner ring; the pump has an oil drain allowing for easy oil changes. The 5700 Series is one component in the total system solution that Hotsy offers. Cleaning systems consist of a pressure washer connected to water, a power source and fuel supply, which pushes water through a trolley system suspended above, allowing for easy cleaning around equipment.


• 7.8 or 9.5 GPM / 3000 or 2500 PSI • 20 HP Baldor Motor • 208V/3PH to 575V/3PH
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