Hotformer Provides High Part Output


HOTmatic AMP 20 N, a machine that was specifically designed for the manufacturing of forged cam lobes, aims to improve the efficiency and productivity of suppliers in the automotive industry. The machine has a total press load of 1500 kN, an impressive production speed with the highest precision. In three forming stations and with a maximum of 200 strokes per minute, the AMP 20 N produces cam lobes with an outer diameter of up to 48 mm out of raw parts with 24 to 217 grams. While the AMP 20 N is an ideal machine to produce forged cam lobes, it is not a single purpose machine; its flexibility can be used in a wide variety of applications. The machine’s proven and reliable technology and fast changeover times ensure a high level of machine availability and make production operation profitable.



  • Simple operation and conversion
  • Very high production output
  • Accurate transfer
  • Compact dimensions
  • Manufacture of brass parts possible
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