HP-L-10.10 Laser Scanning Sensor


The first-of-its-kind HP-L-10.10 Laser Scanning Sensor offers manufacturers ultra-high accuracy and inspects almost any surface at maximum speed with no user intervention.


The genre-busting non-contact laser sensor for Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) offers manufacturers the ability to perform dimensional measurements at comparable accuracy to tactile probing and inspect almost any surface in a fraction of the time. The sensor uses Hexagon’s latest cross-platform laser line scanning technology to offer similar repeatability and performance compared to tactile measurements executed on the same CMM. Furthermore, it can measure 600,000 individual points per second with a probing form error of just 8 μm, rapidly capturing a complete high-resolution digital representation of a part that is valid for both surface and detailed feature inspection.


The new sensor employs Hexagon’s SHINE (Systematic High-Intelligence Noise Elimination) technology, making it possible to scan almost any part surface or finish at maximum speed and accuracy without user intervention.


  • Emitted wavelength: 450 nm (visible blue)
  • Maximum average radiant power: ≤1 mW
  • Declared accuracy temperature range: 61 to 79°F (16 to 26°C)
  • Protection against dust and water: IP51 (IEC/EN 60529) (except for warm-up terminal)
  • Ambient humidity: 95% non-condensing
  • Operating temperature: 32 to 89.6°F (16 to 32°C)
  • Storage temperature: -22 to +158°F (-30 to +70°C)
  • Weight: 15.1 oz. (427 g)
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