HSA440 Acrylic Tapes


A 100% solids and solvent-free performance product line, MacBond HSA440 Acrylic Tapes are environmentally and economically friendly. MacBond HSA440 Acrylic Tapes offer exceptional performance on medium to high surface energy materials.


MacBond HSA440 Acrylic Tapes are available as a double-coated tape or transfer adhesive, in various coat weights. The tapes feature either a moisture stable PCK liner, known to resist welting and provide dimensional stability or a PET liner, which delivers an ultra-smooth adhesive appearance for laminating or electronic application. Dual liner versions are also available. The tapes are offered in 54 and 60-in. rolls and have a 2-year shelf life.open?upn=KzrDU0gjCz8ObMa4z8lo9Oc-2Fal0NV7eWP-2FMWjaXM0kEw-2FIfKgF6Y8xiCMHPp5KbvOGt38f-2Bdi9CuJR-2Fjr6SV5MD4m7qBaGfhEd-2FXzLSWzevCCWibTyXNy-2BWRzjJgf5xM3U5VzFSj4lMKdMlOP5UcawOWb3jZzV51amzcngz36bmT4CsqSlGGjSdC-2Bpcl-2FKRzqGBL-2Fm8KtquPBD8Lh05AoZbVJRdpOsPRsTAoSK7I633TV13H9GBn272crNAzYaaTiZ7aPD1Oyfut66TOTHVJN6oJF3A6aSGhXM6OY1niLS1kZEIPtgddnNinrV-2BxZ7wv7mND0yD0-2FzrNYO-2FXM1m64U2yhHXrS7ByNdUiFNFpHE0-3D


  • Maintain adhesion after exposure to heat and humidity
  • Are solvent- and UV-resistant
  • Are non-whitening and low-odor
  • Are easy to handle and die-cut
  • Ensure minimal adhesive ooze
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