HTRD Dryer Removes Moisture and Contaminants


High-Temperature Refrigerated Dryer (HTRD) with a quick-release front panel is easy to install and designed to be low maintenance. By reducing water and harmful contaminants, it helps extend tool and equipment life and improve product quality.


The HTRD is perfect for systems with small piston compressors in the 5 to 30 hp range, or commercial shops with high discharge temperatures and troubled with dusty, humid ambient air. These small, compact dryers remove moisture and filter contaminants in one compact, easy to install, low maintenance package.


All HTRD models feature a precooler/reheater, chiller, demister, and drain trap. Designed to remove water from your airlines, these dryers help extend tool life and eliminate flaws in paint or finishes. Plus, with better air quality, maintenance intervals and the service life of more expensive pneumatic equipment such as CNC and packing machines can also be extended. Maintenance points are easily accessible from the new quick-release panel on the front providing even more flexibility for placement.


  • Designed to handle high inlet temperatures to 180°F
  • Stainless steel, plate-type heat exchangers are compact, durable, and efficient
  • Integral demister separator helps remove moisture, hydrocarbons, and solid particles
  • An adjustable, timed electric drain discharges liquid from the dryer
  • Automatic refrigeration temperature control system maintains precise chilled air temperature
  • Hermetic refrigeration compressor requires no maintenance
  • Cool air exiting from the evaporator is reheated to save energy and prevent pipe sweating
  • 50° dew point
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