Hubbell Building Automation Introduces ‘LightHawk’ Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor Line


The new LightHawk wall switch occupancy sensors represent the state-of-the-art in sensor technology and are available in a variety of models - Passive Infrared, Ultrasonic, and Multi-Technology (Passive Infrared and Ultrasonic) for unequaled occupancy detection and false trip immunity. The sensors feature HBA's patented IntellADAPT™ technology that continuously analyzes its environment and self-adapts, eliminating the need for manual sensitivity and timer adjustments during installation as well as over the life of the product. IntellADAPT provides true maintenance free "Install and Forget" operation. With selectable operating modes - automatic ON/OFF or manual ON/automatic OFF and a built-in photo sensor for automatic daylight harvesting, the LightHawk wall switch occupancy sensors are simply the most capable sensors available in the marketplace today.

The LightHawk sensors provide excellent long-range motion detection and address the challenges found in rooms where there is minor motion (e.g. Desktop activity) for long periods of time - offices, conference rooms, classrooms, and break rooms. The new LightHawk sensors also include tamper-proof automatic only versions that can turn lighting loads on and off without requiring the user to manually push a button - perfect for public restrooms and closets. All models come in both single and dual circuit versions, with no minimum load requirements, and can be used to replace existing wall switches. The new LightHawk sensors are Title 24 compliant and feature a unique impact resistant RhinoTuff™ lens that provides 180 degree, 1000 sq. ft. of coverage.
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