HurtSpot Body-Diagram Board


"Management has their statistics and record keeping, but the HurtSpot safety boards let our crews see what's behind the numbers" says a Massachusetts Safety Manager. The new body-diagram board makes safety very personal. A New Jersey chemical safety director says: "When we show injury locations and numbers on the board's human form it's more effective than posting a bunch of reports, and the board is always there, reminding employees to work safely."

A South Carolina Safety Manager said: "When we post an injury, we see employees stop and check it out. It has brought more visibility to our safely program" "Our customers tell us our new HurtSpot board works because their employees relate to the human form" says Magnatag spokesman Christian Krapf. "The name "HurtSpot is descriptive, it identifies parts of the body where injuries occur. When you see the red line pointing to the head you can almost feel the pain. The big magnetic numbers flag injury count for each body part and call attention to accident patterns. Optional built-in T-Cards detail accidents for each body part for study and preventive action. The board is also available with custom printing."

News Summary:

  • Safety managers find displaying the injury points on magnetic body-diagram is a powerful motivator.
  • Employee involvement is a major component of a successful safety program.


  • makes safety very personal
  • magnetic numbers flag injury count for each body part
  • available with custom printing
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