Hybrid Hose


M8- E-Z Flex® Hybrid Hose is designed to incorporate the best of thermoplastic and rubber hose constructions.  Offering a robust hose to handle high pressure applications without compromising flexibility, E-Z Flex Hose offers a two-wire braid construction with four-spiral wire hose performance. This design allows for a smaller O.D., creating a tighter bend radius and easier handling.  

The bend radius for a 5/8” I.D. E-Z flex hose is only 4 inches.  Competing rubber hoses of the same size I.D. need at least 8 inches.  Not only does the smaller O.D. allow for a tighter bend, but the E-Z Flex hose is lighter, making is easier to route.  E-Z Flex hoses are mechanically bonded, rather than chemically bonded, creating a hose with a low volumetric expansion.   This strong design allows E-Z Flex hose to handle synthetic and water-based fluids longer than comparable hoses, minimizing in-service problems and maximizing service life.  Clean tubes reduce the need for expensive cleaning/flushing of hose assemblies. E-Z Flex hoses are available from the Parflex Division in sizes 3/8” I.D. to 5/8” I.D. as a hose assembly or in long continuous lengths for on-site crimping.


  • two-wire braid construction
  • tighter bend radius
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