Hybrid Step Motors


Portescap introduces HM series hybrid stepper motors.  New HM series motors are available in 42mm and 57mm frame sizes with short stack, one stack and two stack design in each frame size. Windings can be customized to satisfy specific application requirements at no extra cost.  HM series motors include optional encoder mounting features, and their ability to adapt to closed loop control systems helps eliminate the need for costly customization.  Depending on the stack length, HM 42 size motors provide holding torque up to 65 oz-in and HM57 size motors up to 330 oz-in, thus offering high system rigidity.

“The most significant benefit of HM series motors to machine builders is that they provide a perfect drop-in replacement in most industrial and medical hybrid applications, and where standard offering don’t fit, we can provide various mechanical modifications, no matter how simple or complex the customer’s needs may be,” says Anant Bhalerao, Associate Product Line Manager, Step Motors.

With industry-leading efficiency, price to performance ratio and encoder adaptability as a standard feature, HM series hybrid stepper motors allow machine builders to reduce the ownership cost of their machine with no noticeable sacrifice in performance.  As a result, these RoHS-compliant hybrid step motors are an ideal solution in life sciences, fluid handling, industrial automation equipment, medical devices and vending/ticketing applications.


  • 42mm and 57mm frame sizes
  • optional encoder mounting features
  • one stack and two stack design
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