Hydra-Clean® Pressure Washer


Graco’s new Hydra-Clean™ Air-Operated Pressure Washers provide a quick, easy and efficient method to clean in the toughest environments. Featuring Graco’s new NXT air motor, they’re designed for high pressure, heavy duty performance on oil rigs, shipyards, tank farms, chemical plants, heavy construction equipment and transit systems, as well as in food processing and industrial facilities.

Hydra-Clean packages are available in 12:1, 23:1 and 30:1 ratio units with maximum fluid pressures of 1250, 2275 and 3065 psi, respectively. Flow rates of the three sprayers ranges from 6.8 to 9.2 gpm. They re designed to be used with cold or hot water up to 200°F, as well as with detergent or chemical solutions. Wall mounted units and cart mounted units are available and they support multiple guns.
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