Hydraulic Power System Goes Green


Termed Green Hydraulic Power, this system reportedly provides higher machine yield, reduces noise emissions by 20 dBA, generates less heat, produces a shorter cycle time on various machine types, and involves less oil volume, all resulting in a system that saves up to 70% in energy costs to reduce the user’s carbon footprint.


Green Hydraulic Power is offered as standard on the hydraulic power units provided on MJC machine builds and utilizes the unique Siemens SINAMICS variable-speed servo pump drive.


Injection presses, materials handling equipment, stamping presses, other metal forming machines, and more can utilize Green Hydraulic Power.


This new line is offered in:

  • 100, 200, and 300-gal tank units rated up to 4,000 psi
  • available in two styles: one with a VFD, asynchronous motor and internal gear pump, while the second has a servo inverter, synchronous servo motor and internal gear pump
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