AHK A low-cost hydraulic press brake combines heavy duty construction with simple controls to ensure the highest quality output and quick set-up times over a wide range of brake length materials from 48-240 inches. The affordable Knuth AHK A press brake comes equipped with many added value features including automatic lower bed crowning and adjustable ramp clamps for bend
angle consistency. The standard digital readout controls ram depth and power back
gauge positioning, while a Dwell timer is included to hold the ram at the bottom of the
stroke. The power back gauge includes a fine adjustment handle in front and flip fingers with micro adjustments for both depth and height. The back gauge is not only heavy duty, but is side frame mounted for the best rigidity and includes zero backlash preloaded ball screws for repeatable accuracy. Additional Knuth AHA A features include quick
change upper clamping, light curtain and interlock guards for safety. With a list price starting at $32,700, the AHK A can handle a ton force of 110 to 355 on the simple multiaxis machines and a ton force of 44 to 660 tons on CNC models with eight axis color graphics.
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