Hydraulic Shearing Equipment


KHT-A strong and rigid hydraulic swing-beam shears are designed for workshop applications. Combining heavy duty construction with simple manual controls, the KHT-A swing-beam shears provide for fast set-up times while ensuring high-quality, consistent output over a wide range of material thicknesses from 1/8 to 3/4 in. capacity and maximum cutting length of 157 in. With up to 25 strokes per minute, this shearing alternative offers a standard one point rapid, central blade gap adjustment for burr-free cutting and long blade life. Available with up to 60 hp hydraulic pump motor, the hold down force is proportional to the load providing firm holds for thicker materials with no distortion to thinner stock. These shears feature a ball-screw, motorized back gauge with fine adjustments while the controls include a stroke length adjustment for improved productivity.
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