Hydraulic Toolholder


TENDO E compact toolholder does not require the use of different holder technologies for milling, drilling, and reaming. For the first time ever, hydraulic expansion toolholders can safely transfer torques of up to 384 ft-lb at a 20-mm clamping diameter and are ideal for high volume cutting.


The TENDO E compact has excellent vibration damping and precise runout accuracy of less than 0.003 mm at 2,5 x D, thus protecting the machine spindle and cutting tool from damage.


TENDO E compact features:

  • tool cost savings of up to 40% in roughing operations
  • fast tool changes with Allen key
  • common spindle connections (interfaces HSK-A63, SK40, BT40, CAT40, and CAT50)
  • suitable for applications ranging from rough milling to finish operations such as reaming and fine milling
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