Hydro Excavator Offers Increased Payload Capacity


An addition to the X-Vac line, the X-13 is similar to the X-Vac X-8 in that it can carry large payload for highway travel. The X-13 has a 27 in. Hg High-Capacity Vacuum System, a 10 GPM @ 2,500 PSI Triplex water pump, a top-loading 360-deg. boom, poly graphite rust-free water tanks, an effective power transfer with OMSI heavy-duty transfer case design, and a unique noise-deadening, heat-retaining enclosure that surrounds both the water system and the vacuum system.


Where the X-13 differs from the X-8 is its increased payload capacity, which maximizes efficiency on job sites. The X-13 can carry up to 23,000 lb. of payload and can therefore transport and dump debris on site.



  • 27 in.  Hg High-Capacity Vacuum System
  • Triplex Water Pump: 10 GPM @ 2,500 PSI
  • Top-Loading 360-deg.  Boom
  • Super Tough Poly Graphite Rust-Free Water Tanks (Lifetime Warranty)
  • Effective Power Transfer with OMSI Heavy-Duty Transfer Case Design
  • Noise-Deadening, Heat-Retaining Enclosure Surrounds Water and Vacuum System
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