Hygienic Door Handle for Tool-Less Mounting


HYDH, an ergonomically optimized Hygienic Door Handle, is quick and easy to install. Because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, hospitals and other public institutions and commercial buildings have a greater need for hands-free door handles as a way to lower the spread of infection. The universal, hands-free handle fits left and right hinged doors with round, oval or rectangular latches to allow for secure attachment without screws or tools.


Featuring an ergonomic jacket design, HYDH allows for comfortable use with the forearm or elbow. The one-size-fits-all clasp is simply slipped onto the door handle where it latches tightly. Flexible spacers facing the door keep it firmly in place even if it is pushed or pulled with strong forces. If fixed with the tamper-protection clamps included in delivery, HYDH can afterwards only be removed with a screwdriver.


Made of durable, chemical-resistant plastic, the hygienic door handle withstands frequent disinfection with aggressive cleaning agents. HYDH is available in nine colors.

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