I-Lock 75 Spiralift


PACO-Spiralift has released the I-Lock 75 Spiralift, a new mechanical actuator with an unsurpassed retracted/deployed length ratio.  

The Spiralift technology has been around for several years now with thousands of units installed, it is a well proven device that has been applied in several industries. This unique type of mechanical actuator consists in two stainless steel bands engaging each other to form a strong column as it rotates. The “I-lock” evolution makes it even better with a rigid column that can now pull as well as push.  

The new IL-75 is the smallest of the family with its 3 inch column diameter. It has been conceived for applications where actuation force in the 440 lb range is required and for strokes up to 5 feet. Its compact design, 6.75 inch tall for 60 inch stroke, makes it easier to apply in tight spaces. Also new, the IL-75 can pack and internal electrical motor that makes it even easier to integrate in existing designs.

Its all aluminum and stainless steel construction makes it naturally corrosion proof and facilitates its use in the food or medical industry where sanitation standards are high.

The IL-75 Spiralift currently finds applications in various machine designs and process and height adjustable furniture where compactness is key and cycling only reasonably demanding. This all mechanical actuator is ideal where positioning or re-configuration is required in ingrate design situations where tight space makes it impossible to consider other actuators. With its unique features, the Spiralift reveals to be unsurpassed in several mechanical designs.

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