I-Series 4824 Pass-Through Parts Washing System


The I-Series 4824 Pass-Through Wash, Rinse, Dry Parts Washer System is custom designed to deliver multi-stage continuous cleaning efficiency to clean and dry heavy multi-ported parts transported via inline conveyorized operation. Each wash and rinse stage compartment contains a 512k BTU gas immersion heater and spray manifolds with strategically placed nozzles to deliver high-pressure force and high-temperature cleaning. The 225k BTU gas-heated dry stage contains dual zones with a 15-hp air blower in zone one to remove residual water from even hard-to-reach cavities and two 2-hp heated recirculating blowers in zone 2.


Conveyor “tunnel” or “flow-through” cleaning systems are designed for high-production, repetitive cleaning operations, and stages can be configured in any order to accommodate any production layout. Suitable applications include aviation & aircraft, machining, engine, fabrication, metal casting & forming, transmission, and transportation production centers.


Renegade Aqueous Parts Washers are designed to work with Renegade detergents for maximum cleaning without residue buildup or bio-slime.


  • 48 x 24 in. wash zone with 750 lb. conveyor belt capacity
  • Gas immersion heat system
  • Sump sweep with dual filtration wash cycle
  • Power vent for rapid steam removal
  • 10-in. PLC/HMI touchscreen controls with 7-day timer
  • Filter monitoring
  • Preset maintenance & wash cycles and temperature display
  • Smart liquid level sensing with auto-fill
  • Electronic foam sensing system
  • Heavy-duty, variable-speed conveyor transport
  • Stainless-steel construction
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