“Ideal” CNC Solution


Smooth Technology “family” is touted as the “ideal CNC solution” for connecting machines across a single cell or an entire manufacturing facility.


  • World's Fastest CNC: Four times faster than its fastest predecessors, the control interpolates code and sends it to the machine tool servos in the shortest time possible.
  • High Gain Feed Forward Control: New motion control technology allows the CNC to cut three times faster and still provide the same high level of accuracy as its predecessors
  • Faster Rotary Axis Speeds: The control quickly performs gear skiving and rotary axis threading.
  • Smooth Corner Control: Based on a preset radial tolerance, the function reduces vibration and shortens part-machining cycle times through cutter path adjustments made when machining into corners
  • Variable Acceleration Control: Reduces machining time by maintaining optimal acceleration/deceleration control for a combination of axes
  • Smooth Machining Configuration: Advanced cutting condition selection function makes it easy to adjust for the type of machining, incorporate changes programmatically as well as create and save custom settings
  • 5-Axis Virtual Machining: New advanced voxel graphics technology allows for extremely fast program simulation
  • Intuitive Human/Machine Interface: A 19-inch panel with a multi-touch home screen presents all critical data to operators within a single page view
  • Quick Programming Screen: Streamlines part programming via a 3D CAD input and feature designation for MAZATROL, a high-speed tool path check for EIA programming as well as axis reversal point analysis within 5-axis machining tool paths
  • Intelligent MAZATROL Pocket Milling: Maintains a constant angle of tool engagement and cutting loads to ensure optimum machining conditions that significantly reduce cutting time.

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