IDEAL Twist-A-Nut Pro™ Screwdrivers Leverage Quality Construction to Deliver Versatility, Value & Performance


Engineered for the professional electrician, Twist-a-Nut Pro screwdrivers offer fixed steel shanks for improved control and torque, along with a patent pending Accu-Loop™ wire looping system to significantly speed up installation of wired fixtures, switches and receptacles. Plus, it has the patented Twist-a-Nut handle with its universal wire-connector wrench and Santoprene™ comfort grip.

New Twist-a-Nut Pro screwdrivers come in three styles: 1/4’’ x 4’’ keystone tip, 1/4’’ x 4’’ #2 Phillips tip, and 1/4’’ x 6’’ cabinet tip. MSRP for each is $9.47 (U.S.). IDEAL expects to begin shipment of the screwdrivers immediately.

“We’ve taken the best features of our multi-bit Twist-a-Nut and incorporated them into the fixed shank design preferred by most electricians,” noted Jon Howell, Product Manager, IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. “With the Twist-a-Nut Pro, the electrician can now loosen and drive screws, twist wire connectors, and create perfect wire loops without switching the tool already in his hands.”

Howell points to the screwdriver’s Accu-Loop™ wire looping system as another example of IDEAL innovation. This unique system features two wire looping holes built into the handle for the electrician to insert #12 AWG or smaller wires. A simple turn of the handle creates a perfect loop, every time. This saves the electrician both the time and trouble of looping the wire with a pair of pliers or his fingers.

Unlike the first generation Twist-a-Nut that featured a detachable multi-bit design, the Twist-a-Nut Pro’s steel shank is fixed onto the handle with a molded plug, resulting in enhanced ergonomic control. Special chrome vanadium tool steel, hardened to withstand extreme torque, was used in the shank’s construction. Tips are hand-filed for ultra-precise fit into the screw slot, and then vapor blasted to prevent corrosion or plate chipping. The final product passes all torque tests and ASME standards with ease.

The two-part dual durometer Twist-a-Nut handle is comprised of soft, black Santoprene® overmolded onto a harder, high-visibility yellow Santoprene used for the ends and inner surface. Santoprene is resistant to water, perspiration, oil and chemicals, maximizing tool service life. The handle features the universal connector wrench formed into the bottom that accepts twist-on wire connectors from every major manufacturer, including IDEAL Twister®, B-Cap®, Wire-Nut® and Wing-Nut® connectors.
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